Go Finance

I like to know how I spend my money. I am not a big fan of any of the tools that exist to automate categorizing purchase. I like to assign categories to my purchase manually. I built this tool to remember what category I might have given a transaction in the past. This way, every time I spend money at Kroger, it automatically files the purchase under food:groceries.

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Mario Chase

This semester, we did a research project on a game called Mario Chase. Rules can be found here. The game is basically hide-and-seek. The only change is that those who are seeking (toads) the person hiding (Mario) know how far away they are from the person. The person hiding also gets to move around throughout the game. This problem would be trivial if we knew where on the board the seekers were, however; we do not have that metric. This is also not a problem that can be found through graph traversal methods, because the goal state (where Mario is) changes frequently. Graph search also does not work because we do not know what the goal state is, only how far away we are from it.

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4 letter words.

The Project

Summer 2015, I started getting passionate about how I could use advertising to support charity. After trying to build an alarm clock that woke people up with video ad’s, I decided to make a mobile trivia game. I took an archive of Jeopardy Questions and filtered out all answers that were not four letters long. Ads only appear if you run out of points. Points are gained by typing in the answers correctly. Points are used to buy hints, which give you one of the letters needed for the correct answer.

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